Bulevar de la Naturaleza

A broad boulevard with large metallic structures.

The “Eco-Boulevard” in the Ensanche de Vallecas district is a boulevard that runs for more than one kilometre and is framed by all manner of colourful modern buildings.

Along the boulevard there are three metallic structures of great visual impact. These Air Trees are an innovative urban design experience.

Built in part with recycled materials, each one of these ephemeral, light and dismountable devices is formed by a cylindrical structure that encircles a large empty central area. At the base of each structure we find planters with climbing plants that cover the interior of the central courtyard.

Protected as it is from the prevailing winds, this fresh, accessible circular space can be used for urban equipment such as the Air-conditioned Media Tree or the Nautilus game installation, a labyrinth of slides and ramps in all sorts of interesting shapes.

Updated: 22/07/2021

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Bulevar de la Naturaleza
28031 Madrid

Distrito: 18 Villa de Vallecas

Images: City of Madrid Film Office


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