Caja Mágica

Caja Mágica is a multidisciplinary space situated in the Linear Park of the Manzanares River. It was inaugurated in 2009. Noteworthy on account of its functionality, the building is an architectonic icon in the city thanks to its cubic shape and its use of steel, aluminium, concrete, and glass.

It is currently used to put on different sporting events, especially tennis (it hosts the Mutua Madrid Open Tennis Tournament) and music concerts.

It has three stadiums with exclusive, high-tech retractable roofs that allow multiple visual possibilities and uses at any time of year and under any weather conditions. There are auxiliary rooms and loading and unloading bays beside the stadiums which are surrounded by a number of outdoor galleries and lakes.

Updated: 08/02/2021

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Estadio 1 – Estadio 2 – Estadio 3 – Sala Restauración – Salas – Espacios Exteriores – Pasillos – Zonas Comunes



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