Casino de Madrid

A historical building with period rooms and a rich variety of styles.

Madrid Casino is a social club created in 1836, located on Calle Alcalá. Situated in a historical building from 1910, with its mixture of French and Baroque tendencies it is a prime example of the eclectic architecture of Madrid.

In its interior we find elements of important artistic and decorative value, courtesy of the best artists and artisans of the day. Of particular note are:

  • The principal marble staircase, in a Modernist style and the only one of its kind in Madrid.
  • Neo-Baroque and Modernist stained glass by Mauméjean.
  • Lamps by Mansard.
  • The marble frieze by Mariano Benlliure.
  • Contemporary Spanish paintings, particularly the canvases by Julio Romero de Torres, landscape artist Antonio Gomar, and the ceiling canvases by Emilio Sala and Cecilio Pla.

Among the wide choice of halls and spaces on offer, the following are worth noting:

  • The Central Patio, in an eclectic French style with its staircase and stained glass windows.
  • The Royal Hall, in Rococo style and also known as the Ballroom, is the most emblematic space in the Casino.
  • The Louis XVI Baroque style Alcalá Hall, with its columns, pilasters and niches, and most particularly its vaulted roof with lunettes.
  • The Gothic Library which occupies two floors and was made of iron. It has held more than 36,000 volumes since 1890.
  • The Puerta del Sol Hall, covered in fine woods and boasting the original furniture. Worth noting are its three bronze and glass chandeliers.
  • The Valdavia party room, a 1970s-style nightclub.
  • The La Glorieta Hall, a former music hall in English Neoclassical style in which the use of columns to generate movement and its classical decoration are worthy of note.
  • The Príncipe Hall, in English Renaissance style, serves as a conference room and auditorium.
  • The Casino Terrace restaurant, with a private room, avant-garde decoration and chequerboard floor.
  • The outdoor terrace of the restaurant, which offers a unique view of the Madrid skyline.

Updated: 11/05/2023

Useful information

Conditions and availability

Flexible times subject to normal uses.
Possibility of filming at night and on weekends with extra costs.
Full time availability when closed to the public: August.
Fees are adjusted to each project.

Features and facilities

Difficult access for vehicles: residential area.
Loading and unloading times are restricted.
A service lift is available.
Available supplies: Electricity.
Extra spaces are available for production.
Suitable for direct sound.
Difficult for shooting with direct sound.

Auxiliary spaces available

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