Edificios en calle de Albacete

Office buildings in Ciudad Lineal.

Calle de Albacete, a street in the neighbourhood of San Pascual right near the M-30 ring road, contains several singular company and office buildings constructed in the 1970s.

At no. 5 is the building commonly known as “The Cubes”, which has an administrative architecture style and was built in 1973. Its structure features six glass boxes supported by 16 hollow pillars. The boxes appear to be piled on top of each other and house the building’s facilities. Each one has a metal structure that rests on concrete beams, creating a unique style that draws on utopian approaches.

Next to The Cubes is the high-rise that’s currently the headquarters of Ilunion. Its construction began in the 1970s and it was later refurbished to make it as energy efficient as possible with an innovative new façade which is also illuminated with different colours at night.

The other side of Calle de Albacete is mainly residential. In a clear contrast to the styles and materials of the business buildings, it contains residential developments consisting of 14- and 15-storey blocks of flats such as the nearby Parque América building.

Updated: 24/08/2021

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Calle de Albacete
28027 Madrid

Distrito: 15 Ciudad Lineal

Images: Ciudad de Madrid Film Office / Javier Bravo


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