Estudios Adisar Media Villaviciosa

Complete studios for films, series and all manner of audiovisual productions.

The Adisar Media Studios are located in the town of Villaviciosa de Odón on the outskirts of the city of Madrid. A building on an independent plot of land composed of 8 sets, distributed over 8,000 square metres and with surface areas of 500 to 1,500 square meters and heights of up to 11 metres, fully soundproofed and air-conditioned.

They have more than 2,000 square metres of auxiliary facilities, including offices, dressing rooms, costumes, make-up, a hair salon, open-plan rooms, a cafeteria and a restaurant that can seat more than 300 people.

They have a wide range of production services including lighting and structure, sound, cameras and mobile units, grip, decoration, construction and carpentry. The studios have 100 outdoor parking spaces and it is possible to access the doors and interior of the sets.

Updated: 11/05/2023

Useful information

Conditions and availability

Estimated time needed to process the application: 1 day.
There are a specific fees for shootings.
Full time availability.

Features and facilities

Private parking with access to the facilities.
A service lift is available.
Available supplies: Electricity.
Storage Area.
Catering available.
Dressing rooms (costumes / makeup).
Production offices.

Auxiliary spaces available

1. Total area 600  m2 /  Dimensions 20x30x10,20
2. Total area 1000 m2 / Dimensions 20x50x10,20
3. Total area 1000 m2 / Dimensions 60x25x10,20
4. Total area 550 m2 / Dimensions 20x30x10,20
6. Total area 1200 m2 / Dimensions 30x40x5,50
7. Total area 1000 m2 / Dimensions 45x22x5,50
8. Total area 400 m2 / Dimensions 20x20x5,50
10. Total area 180 m2 / Dimensions 15x12x5,50



Pedro Manuel Arribas Casado
Dirección Platós
+34 699 306 586

Calle Mecánicos 1,
Villaviciosa de Odón
28670 Madrid

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