Fernán Gomez Centro Cultural de la Villa

The Fernán Gómez (Centro Cultural de la Villa) is a contemporary, multi-purpose cultural space underneath the Plaza de Colón.

The foyer that precedes the main room is circular, as are the stalls, and it is decorated with reference to all the Fine Arts. It consists of three different spaces:

  • The Guirau Room, a space dedicated to the performing arts, which has staged a number of important theatres, dance, music, and cinema events. It has 776 seats and four boxes with perfect views and acoustics. It has all the necessary infrastructure with warehouses, rooms and spaces for lighting and sound, stage machinery, and props.
  • The Jardiel Poncela Room (Hall Two), a multi-purpose space dedicated to a wide variety of artistic disciplines and with a capacity that can range from 95 to 175 people depending on the stage lay-out.
  • The Exhibition Room, a spacious 2,000 square metre room (albeit with fewer linear metres), which can be compartmentalised.
  • An inner passageway that houses the famous map of the discovery of America is located behind the water curtain that cascades from the theatre over Plaza de Colón.

Updated: 02/03/2021


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