Jardines del Rastro

A park near the El Rastro flea market known for its brick chimney which is all that is left of the old gasometer

The Rastro Gardens, a space also popularly known as the Chimney Park, occupy the plot of land on which the old Gas Factory of Madrid or Gasometer once stood. A nearby street keeps the Gasometer’s name alive.

Among the remains of the old factory, the impressive brick chimney that dominates the park stands out, as does the arched entrance on the corner where Calle Gasómetro street and the Ronda de Toledo meet.

At the base there is a small circular recreational pond and a unique style that is the result of the vandalism that has left this structure covered in graffiti and expressions of urban art that continue along the accesses that slope upwards towards the exits at the Ronda de Toledo and the church of San León Magno.

Updated: 26/08/2020

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Calle del Gasómetro, 4
28005 Madrid

Distrito: 02 Arganzuela


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