La Lonja de Arganzuela

A municipal, industrial-style exhibition hall with natural light

The Lonja de Arganzuela is one of the two exhibition halls in the Casa del Reloj building, which houses a municipal Cultural Centre and the offices of Arganzuela District Council.

The Casa del Reloj, the Clock House, which used to be the Central Services Pavilion of the Municipal Slaughterhouse and Cattle Market of Madrid, is a building that was refurbished in the 1980s. It is made of the three materials most commonly found in the Matadero complex, i.e. brick, masonry and ceramics, and it adds metallic elements to the structure, not to mention a glass roof that bathes the space in natural light.

A wide, open-plan space in the centre of the unit, surrounded by white walls for exhibition purposes, in which the cultural and artistic exhibitions take place.

Updated: 11/05/2023

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Junta Municipal de Distrito Arganzuela
Unidad de servicios culturales y ocio comunitario
+34 915 886 197 | +34 915 884 008

Paseo Chopera 6,
28045 Madrid

Distrito: 02 Arganzuela

Images: Ciudad de Madrid Film Office


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