La Nave

Work spaces and industrial aesthetics in an old refurbished factory

Located in Villaverde, a district on the outskirts of Madrid, La Nave was once a lift factory owned by the Böetticher company. An industrial building from the 1940s refurbished for use as a public facility by Madrid City Council, and inaugurated in 2016.

La Nave is dedicated to entrepreneurship and innovation and hosts a great number of activities and events related to the promotion of new technologies, technical dissemination, training, and employability.

Characterised by a central open-plan space covered by a large barrel vault and a skylight, the refurbishment preserved certain historical elements as decoration and added vertical latticework inspired by the colours of fibre optics to the concrete façade.

Its main areas are the Pavilion, the Tower, the Classrooms, the Auditorium, and the Containers. The building has thermo-solar and geothermal energy; it collects rainwater for watering, and it features a roof garden. The roof offers a panoramic view of the Villaverde neighbourhood.

Updated: 11/05/2023

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Calle Cifuentes 5,
28021 Madrid

Distrito: 17 Villaverde

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