Nave 0

Nave 0 is the former cold storage unit of the slaughterhouse of Madrid; it currently houses experimental artistic intervention proposals in the Matadero Madrid contemporary creation centre.

An 800 square metre space with a strong industrial character that was preserved as much as possible during its restoration, keeping its original structure. The installations that take place here are specifically designed for the venue, thereby generating an interrelation with the space.

Characterised by its open-plan rectangular structure with overhanging arches and columns, it preserves the horseshoe arches, the brick vault and the reinforced concrete pillars that are distributed along four lines that divide the space into five units.

Updated: 20/04/2021


Madrid Film Office
+34 913 184 588

Plaza de Legazpi, 8
28045 Madrid

Distrito: 02 Arganzuela

Images: Madrid Destino


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