Paseo Fluvial del Manzanares

A riverside path along the second section of the Linear Park of the Manzanares River.

The Linear Park of the Manzanares River passes through several of the city’s districts, following the path of the Manzanares River towards the southeast of the region, where it converges with the Jarama River. The park’s first section, which goes through Usera, is more urban in nature and connects to Madrid Río Park.

This second stretch, which begins at the Nudo Supersur junction on the M-40 motorway at Villaverde and extends past the city’s municipal boundary, more closely resembles a natural riverside environment. The area, which is the site of motorway and railway junctions, wastewater treatment plants, power stations and illegal tips, is gradually being recovered through reforestation and repair of existing paths.

You can enter the section of the park called the Manzanares Riverside Walk, located in the neighbourhood of Butarque, via two subways on Avenida de los Rosales which go under the A-4 motorway to Andalusia. At the first, located at no. 115 on the avenue, there’s a skate and roller park on the way to the riverside walk. The walk has several footbridges you can use to cross over to the left bank, which in turn connects up to the Breakwater Path (Camino del Malecón) and the ruins of the historic Manzanares Canal.

An area on the right bank of the river which is being reforested with different species of trees has a cycle path and dirt trails. As you move away from the homes of Butarque, the riverbank landscape becomes more natural, contrasting with the presence of enormous pipes like the one at Puente del Majuelo bridge. After reaching Pasarela del Trasvase bridge, the cycle and pedestrian path starts to run along the left bank, which has a rustic landscape set amidst rail tracks, transmission towers and motorways. This second section in Villaverde goes all the way to Butarque Wastewater Treatment Plant before heading into the town of Perales del Río.

Updated: 20/03/2021

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Distrito: 17 Villaverde

Images: Ciudad de Madrid Film Office / Javier Bravo


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