Plaza de la Cruz Verde

The Plaza de la Cruz Verde is a small, secluded square in the Madrid de los Austrias (Hapsburg Madrid) area, beside Calle Segovia. A peaceful, steep square of medieval origin dominated by the monument of the so-called Fountain of the Green Cross. The name of the Green Cross has its historical origin in a wooden cross that was painted green as a way to indicate places where the Inquisition carried out its executions.

The fountain, which has five waterspouts, was built in 1850. The monument uses the old façade of the vegetable garden of the Convent of Las Bernardas del Santísimo Sacramento as a pillar. Far removed from the Baroque model, its layout gains in usefulness insofar as it is more akin to typical neighbourhood waterspouts. The coat of arms of the Bear and the Strawberry Tree is engraved at the top of the central element, beneath a jet. A sculpture of Diana the Huntress dressed in her usual short tunic, and two dolphins, preside the ensemble.

A square with ochre façades punctuated by lampposts and balconies, with a cobbled area that contains benches and trees and a popular terrace café from which you can see the building where the Madrid-born architect Ventura Rodriguez lived for some time in the 18th century, and where there is a commemorative plaque to honour the memory of several victims of terrorism.

Updated: 26/03/2019

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Plaza de la Cruz Verde s/n
28005 Madrid

Distrito: 01 Centro

Images: City of Madrid Film Office


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