Plaza del Conde de Miranda

The Plaza del Conde de Miranda is located in the area known as the “Madrid de los Austrias” (Hapsburg Madrid), between Plaza Mayor and the Plaza de la Villa, the historic centre of the city.

A secluded little square that maintains some of its original mediaeval outline from when the Hapsburg dynasty settled in the city in 1561.

Some of its representative spaces are the Convento de las Jerónimas del Corpus Christi, founded in the 17th century, and the rear of the Basílica Pontificia de San Miguel, with his coat of arms on the façade.

Number 1 on the square is an 18th century mansion that has the typical structure of residences and stately homes of the aristocracy. This refurbished building now offers accommodation in apartments to tourists.

The square remains a peaceful, closed space in which to walk through the narrow streets of the historic district, with barely a terrace bar to be seen.

Updated: 18/12/2018

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Plaza del Conde de Miranda
28005 Madrid

Distrito: 01 Centro

Images: City of Madrid Film Office


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