Travesía del Nuncio

Calle del Nuncio, in the historical centre of Madrid, originates in the Plaza de Puerta Cerrada and runs all the way to Costanilla de San Pedro. Its erratic path includes the well-known Travesía del Nuncio, an alley that connects to Calle Segovia.

In the Travesía we find a flight of stone steps that has been the scene of film and photo shoots. Its three flights of steps are encased between barred windows and balconies, and on the other side by the rear wall of the San Pedro el Viejo Church, one of the oldest churches in the city.

Updated: 06/05/2019

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Permit procedure

The filming permits to shoot on the streets of the city of Madrid are managed by the Filming Authorization Bureau. For more information on these permits and how to process them, read the How to film in Madrid page.



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Travesía del Nuncio
Calle del Nuncio
28005 Madrid

Distrito: 01 Centro

Images: City of Madrid Film Office


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