Avenida Trece Rosas y Túnel de O’Donnell

An overpass and a tunnel that connect Moratalaz and La Elipa.

On the M-23 motorway, the Avenida de las Trece Rosas connects the district of Moratalaz with the La Elipa neighbourhood through the upper part of the O’Donnell Tunnel. This impressive structure features a tunnelled underpass for vehicles and on the surface it has made possible the continuation of the La Elipa pine forest park.

A road with up to four lanes in each direction runs underneath, separating the La Elipa sports centre from the pine forest, and on the other side, the Cuña Verde de O’Donnell Park from the La Almudena Cemetery.

A very good spot for taking images of traffic and major access roads to the city, both going in and out, with the skyline of Madrid as its backdrop at its entrance via the O’Donnell artery, dominated by the magnificent figure of the Torrespaña Tower.

Updated: 30/06/2020

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Avenida de las Trece Rosas, 28030

Distrito: 14 Moratalaz

Images: City of Madrid Film Office


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