Calle del Corregidor Diego de Valderrábano

Homes built in the 1980s on an oval-shaped street.

Calle del Corregidor Diego de Valderrábano is a street in the Media Legua neighbourhood where a collective housing project was constructed in 1988, next to the M-30 ring road. The urban development’s design is similar to that of the neighbouring block of flats, known as The Bullring (El Ruedo), although unlike that building, the oval isn’t completely closed by the street.

Architect José María García de Paredes had to come up with a design suited to the characteristics of this particular plot of land, which is bounded by the M-30 motorway. A continuous structure was chosen to house the flats, which wraps around to form a large, semi-public inner space where there are parking spots and a landscaped area.

The homes were built in six-storey concrete and red-brick blocks. Non-residential premises like IES Moratalaz, a secondary school now located in the development, were added later on.

Updated: 12/05/2022

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Calle del Corregidor Diego de Valderrábano, 37-77
28030 Madrid


Distrito: 14 Moratalaz


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