Colonia Molino de Viento

A former estate from the 1940s.

In Plaza de Ordoño, in the neighbourhood of Puerta del Ángel, you can see the remains of the former Molino de Viento emergency social housing estate, which was built in the early 1940s. Forming an open, triangular plaza and featuring two porticoed front façades with a rural appearance, the building is designed to hold functional, single-family homes with galleries that form corridors in the style of a corrala (working-class buildings typical of Madrid).

Next to this remnant of the former estate, in the adjacent Plaza de Sisenando, are some other examples of single-family homes. Their façades add some colour to a pedestrian square that contains street-level commercial premises and low-lying homes. A wall fountain provides a decorative touch: simple in design, it’s attached to the wall of the gently sloping stairs at the entrance to the square.

Updated: 13/07/2021

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Previous filmings

Serie Caronte (capítulo 4, primera temporada), Mediaset y Bing Bang Media.


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Plaza de Ordoño
28011 Madrid

Distrito: 10 Latina

Images: Ciudad de Madrid Film Office / Javier Bravo


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