Entorno de la Avenida Orcasur

Blocks of flats in the working-class neighbourhood of Orcasur.

A complex of blocks of flats built during the 1970s and 1980s. The six identical red brick blocks have small windows on their north side; austere and predominately straight railings on the south façade; and windowless walls on the east and west. The buildings form arcades, passageways, ramps and staircases.

The rhythmic structure of the buildings, separated from one another by pedestrian areas – paved in certain cases, unpaved in others – offers an interesting image of working-class Madrid.

At the junction between Avenida Orcasur and Avenida de los Poblados, which is a wide avenue with two lanes on each side, we find an equally interesting overhead pedestrian crossing.

Updated: 13/05/2022

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Avenida de Orcasur 43,
28041 Madrid

Distrito: 12 Usera

Images: City of Madrid Film Office


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