Plaza de Anton Martín

A central meeting point in the middle of Calle Atocha

La Plaza de Antón Martín is where Calle Atocha, Calle Santa Isabel, Calle Magdalena and Calle León converge. It is a meeting point between the traditional neighbourhoods of Lavapiés and the Barrio de las Letras (Literary Quarter).

A busy spot and a meeting point in the city centre thanks to its location, between Atocha station and Puerta del Sol, and its proximity to the Cine Doré and the shopping and entertainment to be found in the Literary Quarter and the first streets of Lavapiés. A setting that offers a typical image of social life and movement.

The small triangular square is presided over by the monument in memory of the lawyers who died in the Atocha attack in 1977; and it shares the spotlight with the Monumental Cinema, the theatre that serves as headquarters of the RTVE choir and orchestra.

The façade of the building that houses the Farmacia del Globo is also of note. One of the oldest pharmacies in Madrid, it was opened in 1869. Our attention is also drawn to one of the most curious pedestrian crossings of the city, its lines stretch out along the curve that Calle Magdalena follows until it meets Calle Santa Isabel.

Updated: 05/03/2024

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Plaza de Antón Martín

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