Plaza de Oriente

Plaza de Oriente is a central square located in front of the east façade of the Royal Palace in one of the city’s patrimonial ensembles that includes such outstanding elements as the Teatro Real Opera House, La Almudena Cathedral, the Sabatini Gardens and Plaza de la Encarnación.

A rectangular square ending in a semi-circle, whose definitive layout was designed by Narciso Pascual y Colomer in 1844. The square was most recently remodelled in 1997 under the guidance of Miguel de Oriol who transformed the square into an urban space of great quality and turned the nearby Calle Bailén and other side streets into pedestrian areas.

There are three separate spaces: the central parterre which unfolds around the famous equestrian sculptural ensemble of Philip IV, and the gardens of Cabo Noval and of Lepanto, located on both sides.

The central parterre follows the nineteenth century model of gardening with a hedge of geometric designs and several specimens shaped in various ways. The entire ensemble is symmetrical with a main axis that serves to enhance the façade of the Royal Palace and to give it breathing space. Boxwood and yews are used, interlaced with cypress trees. In the centre of each figure there is a magnolia and some contain artistic fountains.

This central area is presided over by the equestrian statue of Philip IV, which was cast by Pietro Tacca in 1640 and is escorted by a considerable part of the collection of statues of Spanish monarchs. The Lepanto and Cabo Noval gardens are open, landscaped gardens that contain a large number of trees and areas designed for letting time slip away and for leisure activities.

Updated: 12/03/2021

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Plaza de Oriente
28013 Madrid

Distrito: 01 Centro

Images: Madrid Destino / City of Madrid Film Office


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