Plaza del Dos de Mayo

Plaza del Dos de Mayo is located in the old neighbourhood of Maravillas in the Centro district of Madrid, which began to be called Malasaña in the 1980s.

A square whose current layout was created in 1869 and whose emblematic name refers to the popular uprisings against the French troops of Napoleon on 2 May 1808. The monument in the centre of the square pays tribute to the heroes of that episode, Captains Daoiz and Velarde.

The sculpture of Daoiz and Velarde is framed by the Arc of Monteleón, a monumental arch that was once the entrance to the former Monteleón Palace which later became an artillery barracks, which was in turn demolished when the square was built.

Another noteworthy building is the Iglesia de las Maravillas (which dates from the 17th century and has recently been restored), the Parish Church of Saint Justo and Saint Pastor, which occupies one side of the square.

An urban environment where traditional neighbourhood shops go hand-in-hand with alternative and avant-garde stores. Where neighbours gathering in the gardened areas and the children’s playground mingle with visitors drawn to the urban markets that are often set up in the square. An area that also has a great nightlife with lots of terraces, bars and restaurants.

Updated: 12/04/2019

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Plaza del Dos de Mayo
28004 Madrid

Distrito: 01 Centro

Images: City of Madrid Film Office


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