Plaza San Martín y Plaza de las Descalzas

Formed by Plaza de las Descalzas and Plaza de San Martín, this complex is remarkable also for its three landmarks: the Palacio de San Martin, which is a hotel nowadays, the Casa de las Alhajas and, above all, the Descalzas Reales Monastery, one of the oldest and best preserved convent complexes in Madrid.

Built on the site of a Renaissance palace between 1557 and 1563, the Monastery is, apart from its architecture, a major artistic complex due to its collection of works of art. The façades are built in the Renaissance style, combining granite masonry and brick. Facing the building and currently undergoing refurbishment work, is the current headquarters of the Monte de Piedad Savings Bank, built in a contemporary style although the old façade of the chapel will be respected.

For its part, the Casa de las Alhajas dates from 1870 and is built on the plot of land of another ancient convent, the convent of San Martín; designed to safeguard the contents it would house, its exposed brick walls boast openings whose awnings are decorated with rosettes. It has a modest Italian style entrance.

Together both squares form a single open space with vehicle access through Calle Travesía de Trujillos and Calle San Martín. It also has access to the pedestrian street of Postigo de San Martín, which leads straight to Plaza Callao. Plaza San Martín unfolds before the Palacio de San Martín hotel, creating a wide pedestrian space with garden beds and a small green area with the Casa de las Alhajas as a backdrop.

Updated: 30/06/2020

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Plaza de San Martín / Plaza de Las Descalzas
28013 Madrid

Distrito: 01 Centro

Images: City of Madrid Film Office


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