Madrid continues to grow as a production hub for the national and international market

The region of Madrid hosted more than 950 projects in 2022. The Community of Madrid leads once again the filming activity in Spain, being the most chosen territory by platforms and production companies.

More than 89 feature films, 79 tv series and 420 spots where shot in the region, according to the yearly review conducted by Film Madrid, the Office for Film Promotion from the Regional Government. This represents a growth compared to previous years, especially in the case of tv series, with 11 projects more than 2021 (16,2% more).

The city of Madrid stands out as the main filming location in the region. According to the data from Madrid Film Office, the Office for Film Promotion from Madrid City Council, the capital hosted the filming of more than 860 projects, among them 47 feature films, 66 tv series and more than 380 spots.

This growth is a consequence of a political commitment to protect, facilitate and encourage filming, a great variety and versatility of locations, film sets, animation and VFX studios, a wide network of infrastructures, a strong crew-base and creative proffesionals, and more than 3,000 companies in the audiovisual sector, which generate employment for a large number of professionals.

Among the feature films shot in the region, major national and international productions stand out, such as Padre no hay más que uno 3 directed by Santiago Segura, the film with the highest box office revenue this past year according to ICAA data, or Todos los nombres de Dios by Daniel Calparsoro, which includes some impressive scenes shot on a closed Gran Vía, the main avenue than crosses the of Madrid. Likewise, the region was choosen has the filming loaction of high quality and Prestige films that have opted for awards such as the 2023 Goya Awards, as En los márgenes by Juan Diego Boto, Mantícora by Carlos Vermut, Cinco Lobitos by Alauda Ruiz de Arzúa or La consagración de la primavera by Fernando Franco. All of them highlight the quality of the professionals that Madrid offers, as well as the versatility and diversity of the locations present in the territory.

Multiple tv series have also found their ideal filming setting in Madrid. Some are adaptations of big literary successes such as Reina Roja, based on the novels by Juan Gómez Jurado, and La novia gitana and its sequel, La red purpura, which bring the book series written by Carmen Mola to the screen. ¡García!, nominated for Best International Series at the Critics Choice Awards, and Mentiras pasajeras, the second series produced by El Deseo, the production company of the Almodóvar brothers, have also been shot in Madrid.

Such is the attractiveness and versatility of Madrid’s locations that the community had various international projects with big-name films such as Uncharted directed by Rubén Fleischer (USA) and starring Tom Holland, Marc Wahlberg and Antonio Banderas, American carnage by Diego Hallivis (USA). As well as international series such as The warrior nun 2 (USA), In front the cold (USA), The Things that we did not say / Toutes ces choses qu´on ne s´est pas (France), or Kaos (UK). Madrid has also intensified its relations with the Latin American market last year, turning the city and the region into the setting for various projects for that market, such as Las pelotaris and Los artistas, both for the VIX+ platform, owned by Televisa Univisión, as well as the series Montecristo, produced for Pantaya.