The city of Madrid was the setting for 66 series, 47 feature films and more than 380 commercials in 2022

Madrid Film Office responded to requests for assistance from more than 557 audiovisual projects related to advice on filming locations, permits and coordination with other City Council departments, an increase of 39.8% over 2021

In its efforts to promote Madrid’s audiovisual sector and the city as a filming location, Madrid Film Office participated in 11 festivals and audiovisual marketplaces and sponsored 8 events in the city in 2021

In 2022, Madrid Film Office launched the first biannual “Cortamos para…” after-work networking sessions. These sessions are designed to bring together Madrid’s audiovisual industry and other related companies and institutions

During the course of 2022, Madrid City Council processed 10,849 applications to film on the public highway through its Filming Authorisations Bureau

The figures show to what extent Madrid has established itself as a major centre for audiovisual production in Europe

The report on filming in the city of Madrid shows that in 2022 it consolidated its position as the benchmark production centre in southern Europe, reaching record figures in terms of the number of films shot. As far as series are concerned, the figures are similar to those for 2021 and 2019, the peak production years of the last decade. During the year, the city was the setting for 66 series, 47 feature films and more than 380 commercials, according to data from Madrid Film Office, the agency responsible for promoting filming and the audiovisual sector, part of the City Council’s Tourism Department.

During the course of 2022, Madrid City Council processed 10,849 applications to film on the public highway through its Filming Authorisations Bureau, part of the Environment and Mobility Division. 39% were permits that allowed medium and large crews to occupy the public highway (4,214 applications), while 61% (6,635 applications) were free-of-charge communicated actions involving small crews.

In total, more than 860 projects were granted a public highway occupation permit to film in the city. This is up from 791 in 2021, which only goes to show how busy the city was in terms of production during the year. As for the territorial distribution of the filming, during 2022 the Centro district once again accounted for a highly significant part of the shootings that were carried out within the municipality, with 34,75% of applications, followed by such districts as Moncloa-Aravaca (9.9 %), Retiro (9.05%), Salamanca (6.61%) and Chamberí (5.53%).

How Madrid Film Office supports the audiovisual sector

Many of these projects received support from Madrid Film Office, which provided assistance to more than 557 different projects in 2022, an increase of 39.8% compared to 2021 (when it handled 397 projects). In total, the office responded to 2,800 specific requests for assistance with location scouting, guidance and support in the management of filming permits, as well as requests for it to coordinate and mediate between different public and private entities and companies. 58 of the projects it supported in 2022 were international and 499 were Spanish. These included 91 series, 87 films, 47 commercials, 71 documentaries and 61 television programmes, some of which were shot in 2022 while others are scheduled for 2023.

A moment during the filming of the series García in Callao – HBO Max

As well as providing support for film shoots, the office also carries out various actions to improve the overall conditions for filming in the city. In 2022, for example, the Tourism Department and Madrid Film Office introduced a series of discounts of up to 100% on the rental of spaces owned by Madrid Destino for the filming of audiovisual projects. On the other hand, during FITUR Screen 2022, a letter of intent was signed with Madrid Hotel Business Association (AEHM) to establish lines of collaboration to attract audiovisual shoots to Madrid for the benefit of the city’s audiovisual and hotel industries.

Promotional activities carried out by Madrid Film Office on behalf of Madrid’s audiovisual sector

Madrid Film Office carried out various activities to enhance the visibility of the city as a filming location, encourage the development of projects and support the industry in Madrid. During 2022, the office participated in 11 festivals and audiovisual marketplacesFITUR Screen (Madrid), European Film Market-BerlinaleMalaga Film Festival, Documenta Madrid, Marché du Film (Cannes), Conecta Fiction (Toledo), Iberseries Platino Industria (Madrid), Shooting Locations Marketplace (Valladolid), Animario (Madrid) and Ventana Sur (Buenos Aires). The office also attended the San Sebastián International Film Festival where, together with the Community of Madrid and the Department of Economy, Innovation and Employment of the Madrid City Council, it organised the event Algo se cuece en Madrid to raise awareness among representatives of the national and international industry of the lines of support that the two public bodies offer to the audiovisual sector.

Our first two ‘Cortamos para…’ after-work networking sessions

In 2022, the office also launched various actions to create meeting spaces and industry forums that foster synergies between creators, producers, companies and other players in the sector, and stimulate the exchange of knowledge, projects and innovations. One such initiative was the celebration of the first “Cortamos para…” after-work networking sessions. These biannual sessions are designed to bring together Madrid’s audiovisual industry and other related companies and institutions. The venues for the first two editions were the Green Patio and Teatro Eslava, thus fostering public-private collaboration and highlighting the facilities and services offered by companies to the industry as possible locations for its projects. In addition, the office also introduced a line of support in 2022 to create specific industry forums within the context of events held in the sector. Accordingly, the first editions of the Documenta Madrid Dialogue Forum and Animario Pro were held during the festivals of the same name organised by Cineteca film archive at Matadero.

Madrid Film Office has always supported festivals and events that promote industry meetings, professional training and the promotion and dissemination of Madrid’s audiovisual industry and in 2022 it further strengthened this collaboration by sponsoring 8 events in the city. In 2022, the office sponsored the ninth edition of the prestigious Platino Awards and the second edition of the Iberseries & Platino Industria audiovisual marketplace, a benchmark event in the industry that fosters links between the Spanish and Latin American audiovisual sectors, the Bitam Show, the international audiovisual and broadcasting sector trade fair, and the AEC Microsalon, the film industry’s most important annual event in the field of cinematography, organised by the Spanish Association of Cinematographers (AEC). It also supported the Television Academy’s Iris Awards ceremony, which honours and rewards the most outstanding professionals and programmes in the television sector.

The office’s sponsorship of events also includes a number of important events that promote training and creation in Madrid’s audiovisual sector, such as the 4th Training Seminar on Sustainable Production which was held during the Another Way Film Festival to raise awareness of and promote sustainable practices in the audiovisual sector; Madrid Online Pitchbox, an annual event organised by the FilmMarket Hub platform at which projects for series and feature films are presented to industry leaders; and the Notodofilmfest Online Short Film Festival. For the second year running, the festival included a specific award for projects shot in Madrid, the Madrid 21 Distritos Award, which aims to promote audiovisual creation in the city and encourage filmmakers to explore the different districts of the city for their stories and help them find filming locations.

Relations with audiovisual sector associations

In 2022, the office also intensified its ties with associations in the sector, collaborating with the Association of Advertising Producers (APCP) in the presentation of the Report on the Economic Impact of Advertising Film in Spain and in the organisation of the annual meeting of the federation that brings together advertising production associations from all over Europe (CFP-E), with the Madrid Audiovisual Association (AMA) for the eighth edition of the Ventana CineMad co-production forum; and with the Association of the Short Film Industry (AIC) for the organisation of the Emergente! Cine Lab, whose sixth edition was also open to creators and producers from other Spanish-speaking countries. Similarly, Madrid Film Office also supported the Fulgor Lab, a laboratory for the development of film projects that promotes co-productions between Ibero-American countries. In 2022, in conjunction with Spain Film Commission and NBCUniversal, Madrid Film Office also organised an International Production Assistant Course run by the P.A. Bootcamp School in Los Angeles which trained Spanish teams in the practices and production needs of the North American industry, with the aim of stimulating the development of international projects in Spain.

In 2022, the office provided support for a number of film and series festivals in Madrid such as Rizoma and Serielizados Fest, as well as Adapta Book Madrid and several educational programmes including Gastrofestival, Open House Madrid and Madrid Otra Mirada, which included activities organised or designed by Madrid Film Office to disseminate Madrid’s audiovisual heritage among the city’s residents and visitors, promoting screen tourism and the cultural promotion of audiovisuals shot in the city. All of these actions show how strongly the City Council’s Tourism Department, through Madrid Film Office, is committed to Madrid’s audiovisual sector.

Madrid, a film set

The report on the number of films shot in the city of Madrid in 2022 shows that a record number of 47 feature films were shot in the Spanish capital, surpassing even the 44 recorded in 2019, the previous highest figure to date. This new figure reflects a steady increase in film production in the city over the last decade.

The films shot include Daniel Calparsoro’s new thriller “All the Names of God” (produced by Second Gen Pictures, TriPictures and Wanda Visión), which includes a number of stunning scenes shot on Gran Vía avenue; “Campeonex” (Películas Pendelton, Morena Films), Javier Fesser’s sequel to his 2018 hit movie; “Close your Eyes” (Nautilus Films, Pecado Films, Tandem Films), the long-awaited return to directing by Víctor Erice; and “Something Is About to Happen” (Aquí y Allí Films, Wanda Visión), directed by Antonio Méndez Esparza and based on the novel of the same name by Juan José Millás.

The list also includes new projects by award-winning and prestigious filmmakers such as Arantxa Echevarría (“Chinas”, produced by Hojalata Films and Lazona Producciones), Fernando Franco (“The Rite of Spring”, Lazona, Kowalski Films and Ferdydurke Films), Benito Zambrano (“Jumping the Fence”, Cine 365 Films) and Paco Arango (“Mi otro Jon”, Calcon, Abuela Jon), as well as the blockbusters “Father There is Only One 3” and “The Kids Are Alright 2” by Santiago Segura, both produced by Bowfinger International Pictures and Atresmedia Cine.

Leading centre for the production of series

In recent years, Madrid has become a leading centre for the production of television series. The region is home to the headquarters of the country’s leading networks and production companies (RTVE, Movistar Plus+, Atresmedia, Mediaset, The Mediapro Studio), as well as the offices and production centres of major international companies (Netflix, Amazon, HBO, ViacomCBS, etc.). During the course of 2022, the city was the setting for no less than 66 seasons of different series and miniseries, a similar number of productions to 2021 (68 series) and 2019 (66 series), which demonstrates the stability of the sector and its unwavering commitment to Madrid as a filming location.

Among the series that have found their ideal shooting location in Madrid are adaptations of great literary best sellers such as “Red Queen” (produced by Dopamine and Focus for Amazon Prime), which is based on the trilogy by Juan Gómez-Jurado, and “The Gypsy Bride” and its sequel “The Purple Network”, (ViacomCBS International Studios, Atresmedia TV and Diagonal TV), which bring Carmen Mola’s Inspector Elena Blanco series to the big screen. “Fleeting Lies” (Paramount+), the second series produced by El Deseo, the production company of the Almodóvar brothers, in collaboration with ViacomCBS, was also filmed in Madrid, as was the British series “Kaos” (Sister, All3Media, Brightstar for Netflix), which brings Greek mythology bang up to date. Madrid’s production companies strengthened their ties with the Latin American market last year. The city was the setting for several projects aimed at this market, such as “Las Pelotaris” (produced by The Mediapro Studio and TelevisaUnivisión) and “Los Artistas” (Isla Audiovisual), both for TelevisaUnivisión’s VIX+ platform, and the series “Montecristo”, produced by Secuoya Studio for the Pantaya platform.

Three moments from the filming of Reina roja in Madrid

The city also hosted the shooting of a number of new series, including “Los Farad” (Mod Producciones, Espotlight Media) for Amazon Prime, “Bosé” (Paramount, Shine Iberia, Elefantec Global, Legacy Rock) for Paramount+, “Alpha Males” (Contubernio Films) for Netflix, “Nacho” (Bambú Producciones, La Claqueta PC) for Starzplay, “In Love All Over Again” (El Desorden Produce, Zeta Audiovisual) for Netflix and the eagerly awaited “UPA Next” (The Mediapro Studio) for Atresmedia. Also well worth mentioning are new seasons of some of Spain’s most successful and award-winning series, including “30 Coins” (Pokeepsie Films, Greenlit Productions) for HBO Max, “Elite” (Zeta Studios) and “Valeria” (Plano a plano) for Netflix, “La Unidad” (Buendía Estudios) for Movistar Plus+, “Stories to Stay Awake” (ViacomCBS) for Amazon Prime and “Cardo” (Suma Latina) for Atresmedia.


In terms of advertising, the streets of Madrid were the backdrop for more than 380 commercials and 55 medium and large advertising photo shoots during 2022. The following brands, and many others, chose the city for their campaigns: Adidas, Armani, Audi, Banco Sabadell, Banco Santander, Bankinter, BBVA, Beefeater, BMW, Budweiser, Burger King, Calzedonia, Calvin Klein, Campofrío, Cervezas Alhambra, Cervezas Ambar, Coca-Cola, Decathlon, El Corte Inglés, Emidio Tucci, Estrella Galicia, FIAT, Ford, Glovo, Google, Hyundai, Iberdrola, Iberia, Ikea, ING, Jazztel, Kelloggs, Kia, Kinder, La Caixa, La Liga, La ONCE, Leroy Merlin, Lexus, Loewe, Mahou, Mapfre, Mazda, McDonalds, Milka, Movistar, Mutua Madrileña, Nescafé, Renault, Repsol, Ruavieja, Samsung, Schweppes, Seagrams, Seat, Siemens, Tacobell, Telepizza, Vinted, Vodafone, Volvo, Wallapop, Xiaomi and Zara.