La Cocina de San Antón

The kitchen of San Antón

A lively terrace and restaurant in a modern market in the city centre

La Cocina de San Antón is a terrace restaurant on the roof of the popular San Antón Market in the Chueca neighbourhood. A cosmopolitan space occupying some 700 square metres, divided into a 400 m2 terrace which can be covered when needs be, and an enclosed 300 m2 indoor lounge with bathrooms and kitchen.

The terrace boasts avant-garde decor, stained glass windows and tables for sharing, and an outstanding array of plants and colourful elements that give it an air of modernity and freshness. They organise events and avant-garde exhibitions on different themes, particularly gastronomy.

The third floor of the market building offers views of the lively social life of the streets of Chueca.

Updated: 19/06/2022

Useful information

Conditions and availability

Availability of timetable subject to regular use of the space (lunches and dinners).
Open to any type of production, bearing in mind that for licensing reasons it is not possible to use music.

Permit procedure

Estimated application processing time: 7 days.
They have defined rates for filming.

Features and facilities

Own parking area.
Possibility of access with vehicles.
Loading and unloading during restricted hours.
Electric hook-up.
Storage area.
Area where catering can be installed.
Production offices.


Previous filmings

Series Paquita Salas de Netflix.
Programas de televisión para diferentes cadenas.


Cristina Lanzarot
Director of Communication
+34 636 087 307

Calle Augusto Figueroa 24,
28004 Madrid

Distrito: 01 Centro

Images: La Cocina de San Antón


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